For many years there has been an average

of 22 veterans turning to suicide A DAY. 

That's 22  to many!

While this number may change throughout the years, we want HONOR 22 to symbolize our efforts in letting every veteran know that they are NOT ALONE in this crazy world we call civilian life.

With a donation of $22 you can show your support for and to veterans who might be battling unseen demons, mental health issues, or considering suicide.

We ask on the 22nd of each month you wear your shirt and post a picture of yourself doing what ever it is you're doing that day to our Facebook Page to show all veterans they are NOT ALONE. 

By displaying your HONOR 22 t-shirt in and around your community you might just reach a struggling Veteran. If they ask you where you got the shirt from, refer them to us.

Each shirt donation goes to a fund to offer QPR Suicide Prevention Training (Question, Persuade, Refer) or to help fund events for struggling Veterans. 

Your Donation of $22 and this shirt might just save a life. 



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