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Re-Humanizing the Homeless, One Veteran at a Time

In February 2020, I began this project that I call "Re-Humanizing the Homeless, One Veteran at a Time" in hopes to give people some insight into some of the struggles veterans face daily. The stories that are attached to each image are heartbreaking, heartwarming, inspirational, and hopefully encourage you to see these individuals differently. Homelessness does not mean life is over. It means there have been obstacles that have made things harder to cope with.

Extending a hand out is a way to let someone know you are there to help them up.

My goal for this project is to inspire others to look at those who may be struggling with homelessness, not with pity, but with understanding. Understanding that they may have not chosen this life they are currently in. Understanding that what they are dealing with is probably much deeper than you or I can see. And an understanding that every person copes differently. We are not here to judge the world they live in, we are here to show empathy and offer what we can. We can all offer different things and insights, but most importantly we can offer kindness. ~Tiffiany Peters, US Air Force Veteran


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