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Fixing the Roof

Rebuilding Hope in Veterans lives by serving those who served us. 

Essential Items

White Brick Wall


Operation Rebuild Hope is dedicated to the service of our Veteran brothers and sisters within our community. We focus our service on two things. We provide various home and property repairs. As well as we provide housing for homeless veterans.

Our goal is to always improve the quality of life for Veterans. 

Bryan's Home is a place for veterans to stay for up to 2 years. During this time ORH assists the veteran in applying for VA benefits, budgeting, writing a resume. We help with rental history. We assist with appointments and focus on stability in mental health.


Cada veterano en el suroeste de Oregon tendrá un entorno construido seguro y estable y se sentirá comprometido y apoyado por la comunidad.


The Den is our 90- day transitional program. During this program we assist the veteran with obtaining their own home. We provide a temporary housing environment while they wait for their next step to come into play. If the 90 days has passed and the veteran is still unable to secure their own home, we will transition them into our 2- year program through Bryan's Home.

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